Everyone should have an alter-ego…this is ours

January 1,2010 – The anniversary of the passing of Stevie Ray Vaughan (20 yrs.) and Jimi Hendrix (40 yrs.)

Jason, Luke and I have been playing in The Luxury Kings for nearly 10 years. Our sound comes from many influences, but our collective influence is definitely Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

In 2006 The Luxury Kings participated in the Jimi Hendrix Tribute at Blind Willies (Atlanta, GA). The show was to be professionally recorded, and a “Live Album” was planned. Unfortunately, the recordings did not come out and the live album was scrapped. Summerhouse Studio owner Chuck Jopski offered to record each band doing their Hendrix songs at his studio free of charge. The Luxury Kings used this studio time to record three songs: “Spanish Castle Magic”, “Bold As Love” and “Wait Till Tomorrow” which also became staples of thier live shows. (These recordings will be available on this site very soon).

Additional Jimi Hendrix Tribute shows (2007, 2008)and the 40th Anniversary Woodstock show  (2009) have now led to this….

The Luxury Kings will be playing shows in 2010 as our alter-ego:Electric Stevieland

Our first show is Sunday, March 7th at Blind Willies Blues Club (Atlanta, GA)